What are the major components of a strategic management process

What are the major steps or milestones that must be completed to reach the target? The Three Components of the Strategic Management Process by Annie Sisk - Updated June 27, Every company, no matter how big or small, is managed in some way, whether the management function is formally assigned to a specific employee or not.

Due to constantly changing external and internal conditions managers must continuously review both environments as new strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats may arise. Which new markets to develop and how to enter them? Also in developing the strategic agenda, management completes an internal assessment that gives the board a full report on the condition of the company.

If new circumstances affect the company, managers must take corrective actions as soon as possible. Long-Term Vision The board is responsible to determine the picture of the future for the organization, i.

To do this, keep the plans in front of you as you consider any new business opportunities or ventures. They also gave their employees the opportunity to express their ideas to the company.

He has done this by involving more people in the planning process, by listening to them and asking for input which has improved the quality of decisions made. Strategic management involves the forming and implementing of that plan by all managers within an organization.

Top management team of the company supports its operating companies located in 60 countries throughout the world.

Components of an Effective Strategic Planning System

It also will be helpful to read the page on strategic management terms before proceeding with this rest of this module. Examine any external or internal issues that can affect your goals and objectives.

Vertical integration involves expanding the business to supply channels and distributors. Service to customer above all else Hard work and individual productivity Never being satisfied Excellence in reputation; being part of something special 3.

Concentric diversification used to add new business that produce related products, markets and activities The opposite of concentric diversification is conglomerate diversification, defined as a corporate strategy that involves expansion into unrelated businesses.

They act as directions for specific strategy selection. A good recommendation should be: What difference do you intend to make? In particular, when management begins its assessment for the strategic agenda, the vision should be a source of direction on where the strategic projects should take the organization.

Strategic tasks should be defined and the abilities of the organization should be determined. Strategy implementation Strategic managers must ensure that the new strategies are implemented effectively and efficiently. A member of management should be assigned accountability for each milestone or major step on every project in the strategic plan.

Implementation In business, and in the practice of strategic management, plans must be implemented to achieve the intended results.

The Three Components of the Strategic Management Process

You should provide some text, not just an outline. Among the topics to be considered you address these six key questions and design the implementation steps are: For more on metrics visit these blog posts. Are our systems effective?

This type of strategy is used when strategic business units SBUdivisions or small and medium enterprises select strategies for only one product that is sold in only one market.

At a minimum, the board should assure that a sound strategic assessment process is conducted by management and then approve or revise as needed the list of recommended strategic projects for the coming year.

Depending on their knowledge level, members of the board are either partnering in the processes that are spearheaded by management or only approving the results of those processes.

Is our profitability where it should be? In an organization, strategies are chosen at 3 different levels: What are the current purposes and strategy of the firm? Real estate, Production facilities and raw materials Intangible assets For instance: Clarify Your Vision The purpose of goal-setting is to clarify the vision for your business.

The answer here is the strategic agenda.Strategic Management Process - Meaning, Steps and Components The strategic management process means defining the organization’s strategy.

It is also defined as the process by which managers make a choice of a set of strategies for the organization that will enable it to achieve better performance. The strategic management process itself consists of the following 6 steps: Step 1: Establish the vision, mission and goals of the organization This step involves the clarification of what the company is and who they do business for.

Aug 28,  · Examine the process of strategic management. Write a paper in which you address the following: 1. Identify the major components of the strategic management process.

Identify the major components of the strategic management process. 2. Discuss how these components work together to create value for the.

Identify the major components of the strategic management process.

Strategic Management Process Name Course Date Instructor Strategic Management Process Components of a strategic management process There are many components of a strategic management process, but there are four main elements. Strategic management is an ongoing process of managing an organization strategically.

This involves a set of management decisions and actions that result in formulating and implementing strategies that determine the performance and success of the organization. Strategic Management Process. RUNNING HEAD: STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT PROCESS Strategic Management Process Marty Carbajal MGT/ Strategic Management F.

Everett Hardee June 24, The purpose of this paper is to illustrate and discuss the components of the strategic management process and to indicate why such a process .

What are the major components of a strategic management process
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